Coloring books for, by, & about people of color. 

Oakland, CA

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Coloring Together:
A QTBIPOC + ally coloring meet up

11/09/2019, 12:00 - 2:00pm

Red Bay Coffee Roasters

3098 E. 10th Ave., Oakland, CA 94601

Peacock Rebellion & People of Coloring are hosting coloring meet-ups to spend time together, create together, and tell stories about QTPOC resilience, love, organizing, liberation, and explore what allyship looks like.

We’ll provide snacks, coloring sheets, and coloring materials. We hope you bring your folks! 

- Saturday November 9 @ Red Bay Coffee, 3096 E 10th St, Huichin (Oakland), CA 94601 //

About the project:
Peacock Rebellion and People of Coloring ( are collaborating to publish a racial justice trans liberation coloring book that depicts the strength, resilience, and healing of trans people of color (TPOC) in the past, present and future, illustrating the residents and tenants of the Liberated 23rd Ave Land Trust ( We are working with six local TGNC artists for the book and will be hosting an exhibition and book launch in January 2020.

This is a people of color-led art and healing project centering queer and trans leadership. Allies welcome.

Accessibility Info Included in the RSVP link above.

[Image Description: Text in white with pink block behind text, with highly saturated close up photographic of crayons in the background. Text: Coloring Together, a QTBIPOC + ally coloring meet up]