Coloring books for, by, & about people of color. 

Oakland, CA

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What started out as a few friends in Oakland, CA catching up at coffee shops and coloring in children's coloring books, later sparked the idea to make coloring books for ourselves as adults and the community at large. Our conversations tended to lean towards our experiences as people of color - encountering microagressions at work, overhearing semi-racist comments or blatantly racist jokes on the streets, observing awkward social mishaps at public events - and eventually we decided to highlight reality! So, People of Coloring (POC) was born. Our coloring books are for adults to enjoy, any may also be used to share with and educate kids.


We still meet up on the odd Sunday from 1:00 - 3:00pm. The locations vary, but you can count on it being in Oakland. Until we get a set schedule stay updated with our coloring sessions where we can kick back, relax, and talk about racism without scaring anyone on our facebook.