Coloring books for, by, & about people of color. 

Oakland, CA

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People of Coloring has gone seemingly dormant in the past several years. While I know this is cause for confusion, what I can say is that I was experiencing a lot of personal challenges at that time of life and I had to very urgently and rapidly pause on several projec...

The day after the event, I woke up with a happy heart and fulfilled soul. Thinking back on the day, I knew our strength would be in small numbers and in an intimate setting. With a circle on the floor, and family and friends happily coloring on the wall, I pulled lead...

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC) is proud to present 29 multidisciplinary arts programs and events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from April-June, showcasing the dynamic experiences of the contemporary Asian American and Pacific I...

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