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18th Annual United States Asian American Festival "Sparking Light"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (APICC) is proud to present 29 multidisciplinary arts programs and events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from April-June, showcasing the dynamic experiences of the contemporary Asian American and Pacific Islander arts community as part of the annual United States of Asian America Festival (USAAF).


Its theme, SPARKING LIGHT, honors diverse artists provoking artistic and humanistic creativity; reflecting issues and stories that are both prevalent and vital within our diverse, vibrant communities; and mobilizing more just pathways for future generations while remembering those who walked before us. APICC highlights a premiere group of talented artists and arts organizations working in an array of disciplines to celebrate the artistic accomplishments of Asian Americans, one of the fastest growing minorities in the United States. USAAF 2015 aims to provide space for reflection, inspiration, and hope.


This year, festival goers can grab some crayons and color their way into what it means to be Asian American/Pacific Islander with People of Coloring; have a laugh while exploring their inner nerd with Dhaya Lakshminarayanan; satiate themselves with the intersectional dialogue of collective hungry ghosts with Asian American Women Artists Association; seek insight in communal interdependence with NAKA Dance Theater; connect with urban and indigenous spirits with Sammay Dizon; and encounter provocative performances by and about queer/trans artists of color with Queer Rebels


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